July 8, 2021

Top Stages Of The Sales Funnel

By c05tkey

Prospects will pass through four stages of the sales funnel, from when they first learn about your product or service until they purchase (or don’t purchase) your product or service. The four stages represent a prospect’s mindset, and each stage requires you to take a different approach with your messaging. You can remember the four stages using the acronym AIDA:

Awareness – The first stage of the sales funnel is awareness. This is when a person first becomes aware of your product or service. They might develop this awareness from encountering your advertising, learning about your brand on social media, or hearing feedback from friends or family. Or, a prospect might have found out about your business by doing a Google search that brought up your company’s website, seeing one of your ads, or reading your blog.

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If the timing is right, the prospect might become a customer by clicking a link and buying your product. However, it is more likely that you will have to convince the prospect to visit your store or website, or contact you by phone or email, to engage with your business.

Interest – The second stage of the sales funnel is interest. At this point, the prospect has learned about your company, your brand, and your products or services, and they have decided to evaluate it based on their level of interest.

At this stage, you should publish great content that informs and educates the prospect but does not overtly sell to them. If you become too pushy or aggressive with your sales approach during this stage, you could turn off the prospect and compel them to leave. Your content should demonstrate your expertise and help the prospect make an informed decision.